High As A Kite is proud to offer the kiteboarding gear listed . Our pricing is the same as ordering direct from the suppliers. As an authorized dealer, we handle the shipping, taxes, brokerage fees and duties and deliver the gear personally. We show you how it sets up, the tweaks and tips about using your gear and handle all warranty issues should they arise. We can get the gear faster and cheaper as its shipped on the manufacturers account, and they get better rates than someone ordering one off’s from their website. As a dealer we have the ability to see inventories, colors and are the first to know of updates and changes within the product lines. Most important we can make sure that your getting what you need and that the gear is the right fit for your kiteboarding needs. Give us a call and we will provide you with not only a quote, but point you to all the reviews regarding the purchase your considering.

 We look forward to seeing you get set up with the right stuff and sharing your stoke on the water!

Contact us at: info@highasakite.ca